genome comparison of a novel classical swine fever virus isolated in china in 2004 with other csfv strains.the genome of a novel classical swine fever virus (csfv), swh/ca/2004, isolated from a hog pen in henan province, central china, is 12,296 nucleotides (nt) in length. it is composed of a 373-nt 5' terminal non-translated region (ntr), a 11,697-nt open reading frame (orf) encoding a polyprotein of 3,898 amino acids (aa), and a 226-nt 3'-ntr. genome comparison of the swh/ca/2004 isolate (genbank accession: dq127910) with other known csfv isolates was performed and analyzed. corresponding segments ...200616972026
detection and genetic analysis of porcine bocavirus in different swine herds in north central china.porcine bocavirus (pbov) has been reported to be associated with postweaning multisystemic wasting syndrome and pneumonia in pigs. in this study, a survey was conducted to evaluate the prevalence of pbov in slaughter pigs, sick pigs, asymptomatic pigs and classical swine fever virus (csfv) eradication plan herds in five provinces of china (henan, liaoning, shandong, hebei and tianjin) by means of pcr targeting ns1 gene of pbov. among the total of 403 tissue samples, 11.41% were positive for pbov ...201424701194
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