ducks as a potential reservoir for pasteurella multocida infection detected using a new romph-based elisa.pasteurella multocida is an important pathogen of numerous domestic poultry and wild animals and is associated with a variety of diseases including fowl cholera. the aim of this study was to develop an indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) based on recombinant outer-membrane protein h (romph) for detection of anti-p. multocida antibodies in serum to determine their prevalence in chinese ducks. the p. multocida omph gene was cloned into pet32a, and romph was expressed in escherichia ...201728626158
isolation and characterization of a chinese strain of tembusu virus from hy-line brown layers with acute egg-drop syndrome in fujian, china.tembusu virus (tmuv) has been a causative agent of an acute egg-drop syndrome found in chinese duck populations since at least 2010. in this paper, we report the characterization of a tmuv-like flavivirus (named cjd05) isolated from naturally infected egg-laying fowl. the virus was identified and then isolated from hens suffering from severe egg drop and fever in fujian province, china. the virus replicated well in mdef and cef cells, and its cytopathogenic effect (cpe) was apparent. hemagglutin ...201424297489
genetic characterization of a potentially novel goose parvovirus circulating in muscovy duck flocks in fujian province, china.we report a novel goose parvovirus (mdgpv/pt) isolated from an affected muscovy duck in fujian province, china. in this study, the ns1 sequence analyses indicated a close genetic relationship between mdgpv/pt and muscovy duck parvovirus (mdpv) strains, although mdgpv/dy, which was isolated from a muscovy duck in 2006 in sichuan province, could be divided into gpv-related groups. phylogenetic analysis showed that except for differences in the ns1 gene, mdgpv strains pt and dy are closely related ...201323563621
Epidemiological investigation and genome analysis of duck circovirus in Southern China.Duck circovirus (DuCV), a potential immunosuppressive virus, was investigated in Southern China from March 2006 to December 2009 by using a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) based method. In this study, a total of 138 sick or dead duck samples from 18 different farms were examined with an average DuCV infection rate of ~35%. It was found that ducks between the ages of 40~60 days were more susceptible to DuCV. There was no evidence showing that the DuCV virus was capable of vertical transmission. F ...201121979568
[genetic diversity of duck breeds: a study with microsatellite markers].thirty two microsatellite markers were utilized to analyze the genetic diversity and germplasm characteristics of five fujian native duck breeds (jinding duck, liancheng white duck, putian black duck, shanma duck, and muscovy duck) and two reference duck breeds (beijing duck and khaki campbell duck). by using the markers, 371 alleles in test duck breeds were detected. the average allelic number per locus was 11.719, average value of pic was 0.522, average number of effective alleles was from 5.1 ...200919449585
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