characterization of the biological properties and complete genome sequence analysis of a cattle-derived rabies virus isolate from the guangxi province of southern this study, a street rabies virus isolate, gxhxn, was obtained from the brain of one rabid cattle in guangxi province of southern china. to characterize the biological properties of gxhxn, we first evaluated its pathogenicity using 4-week-old adult mice. gxhxn was highly pathogenic with a short incubation period and course of disease. its ld50 of 10(-6.86)/ml is significantly higher than the ld50 of 10(-5.19)/ml of gxn119, a dog-derived rabies virus isolate. it also displayed a higher neurotr ...201425142164
modeling the geographic spread of rabies in order to investigate how the movement of dogs affects the geographically inter-provincial spread of rabies in mainland china, we propose a multi-patch model to describe the transmission dynamics of rabies between dogs and humans, in which each province is regarded as a patch. in each patch the submodel consists of susceptible, exposed, infectious, and vaccinated subpopulations of both dogs and humans and describes the spread of rabies among dogs and from infectious dogs to humans. the existen ...201526020234
modeling the transmission dynamics and control of rabies in china.human rabies was first recorded in ancient china in about 556 bc and is still one of the major public-health problems in china. from 1950 to 2015, 130,494 human rabies cases were reported in mainland china with an average of 1977 cases per year. it is estimated that 95% of these human rabies cases are due to dog bites. the purpose of this article is to provide a review about the models, results, and simulations that we have obtained recently on studying the transmission of rabies in china. we fi ...201728188732
incidence of human rabies and characterization of rabies virus nucleoprotein gene in dogs in fujian province, southeast china, 2002-2012.rabies is a global fatal infectious viral disease that is characterized by a high mortality after onset of clinical symptoms. recently, there has been an increase in the incidence of rabies in china. the aim of this study was to investigate the incidence of human rabies and characterize the rabies virus nucleoprotein gene in dogs sampled from fujian province, southeast china from 2002 to 2012.201728854892
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