major antigenic groups of rabies virus in canada determined by anti-nucleocapsid monoclonal antibodies.a total of 123 rabies virus isolates from various geographical areas in canada were characterized by a panel of 43 anti-nucleocapsid monoclonal antibodies. four major antigenic groups are found in terrestrial mammals: "canadian arctic" from ontario, quebec and the northwest territories; "south-eastern georgian bay" from ontario; "south mid-central skunk" from alberta, saskatchewan and manitoba; and "brook's, alberta skunk" from a restricted area in alberta. bat isolates can be divided into 4 maj ...19863769442
molecular detection of pseudogymnoascus destructans (ascomycota: pseudeurotiaceae) and unidentified fungal dermatitides on big brown bats ( eptesicus fuscus ) overwintering inside buildings in canada.big brown bats ( eptesicus fuscus ) overwintering outside the underground environment are not believed to play a role in the epidemiology of the disease white-nose syndrome (wns), caused by the fungus pseudogymnoascus destructans (pd). using quantitative real-time pcr (qpcr), we provide molecular evidence for pd on four big brown bats overwintering in heated buildings in new brunswick, canada. two of the affected individuals also had very mild, focal, pustular, fungal dermatitis identified micro ...201627458830
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