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major antigenic groups of rabies virus in canada determined by anti-nucleocapsid monoclonal antibodies.a total of 123 rabies virus isolates from various geographical areas in canada were characterized by a panel of 43 anti-nucleocapsid monoclonal antibodies. four major antigenic groups are found in terrestrial mammals: "canadian arctic" from ontario, quebec and the northwest territories; "south-eastern georgian bay" from ontario; "south mid-central skunk" from alberta, saskatchewan and manitoba; and "brook's, alberta skunk" from a restricted area in alberta. bat isolates can be divided into 4 maj ...19863769442
a molecular epidemiological analysis of the incursion of the raccoon strain of rabies virus into canada.three physically separate incursions of the raccoon strain of rabies have entered canada, two into eastern ontario in 1999 and one into new brunswick in 2000. the course of these epizootics is described. phylogenetic analysis of the index cases from these two provinces with raccoon rabies viruses representative of this strain in the united states supported the independence of these incursions into canada via cross-border transmission from the united states. genetic characterization of 190 isolat ...200616207385
genetic tracking of the raccoon variant of rabies virus in eastern north gain insight into the incursion of the raccoon variant of rabies into the raccoon population in three canadian provinces, a collection of 192 isolates of the raccoon rabies virus (rrv) strain was acquired from across its north american range and was genetically characterized. a 516-nucleotide segment of the non-coding region between the g and l protein open reading frames, corresponding to the most variable region of the rabies virus genome, was sequenced. this analysis identified 119 differe ...201121624778
comparing onrab® and raboral v-rg® oral rabies vaccine field performance in raccoons and striped skunks, new brunswick, canada, and maine, usa.control of rabies in mesocarnivore reservoirs through oral rabies vaccination (orv) requires an effective vaccine bait. oral rabies vaccine performance in the field may be affected by a variety of factors, including vaccine bait density and distribution pattern, habitat, target species population density, and the availability of competing foods. a field study in which these covariates were restricted as much as possible was conducted along the international border of the state of maine (me), usa ...201222247384
oral rabies vaccination in raccoons: comparison of onrab® and raboral v-rg® vaccine-bait field performance in québec, canada and vermont, usa.the control of rabies in raccoons (procyon lotor) and striped skunks (mephitis mephitis) in north america has been conducted mainly through aerial distribution of oral vaccine-baits. the effectiveness of the vaccine-bait used is therefore of prime importance for disease eradication. in a previous field comparison between the onrab(®) bait in the province of new brunswick, canada, and raboral v-rg(®) bait in the state of maine, usa, the onrab bait produced a higher percentage of antibody-positive ...201323307388
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