rabies in insectivorous bats of western canada, 1979 to 1983.a total of 1,745, 362, and 536 bats collected in alberta, british columbia, and saskatchewan, respectively, was tested for rabies virus between 1979 and 1983. only one (0.1%) of 769 bats collected at random from buildings was infected with rabies virus in contrast to 95 (5%) of 1,874 symptomatic, rabies-suspect bats submitted for testing. the pattern of infection in the rabies-suspect bats was similar in alberta and saskatchewan, but differed in british columbia. rabies was diagnosed in four spe ...19863735577
major antigenic groups of rabies virus in canada determined by anti-nucleocapsid monoclonal antibodies.a total of 123 rabies virus isolates from various geographical areas in canada were characterized by a panel of 43 anti-nucleocapsid monoclonal antibodies. four major antigenic groups are found in terrestrial mammals: "canadian arctic" from ontario, quebec and the northwest territories; "south-eastern georgian bay" from ontario; "south mid-central skunk" from alberta, saskatchewan and manitoba; and "brook's, alberta skunk" from a restricted area in alberta. bat isolates can be divided into 4 maj ...19863769442
spatial and temporal dynamics of rabies virus variants in big brown bat populations across canada: footprints of an emerging zoonosis.phylogenetic analysis of a collection of rabies viruses that currently circulate in canadian big brown bats (eptesicus fuscus) identified five distinct lineages which have emerged from a common ancestor that existed over 400 years ago. four of these lineages are regionally restricted in their range while the fifth lineage, comprising two-thirds of all specimens, has emerged in recent times and exhibits a recent demographic expansion with rapid spread across the canadian range of its host. four o ...201020406385
human rabies--alberta, canada, 2007.on april 26, 2007, a patient from alberta, canada, died after 9 weeks in an intensive care unit (icu) from encephalitis caused by a rabies virus variant associated with silver-haired bats. this report summarizes the clinical course of disease in that patient, who was treated using the milwaukee protocol, an experimental treatment protocol similar to one used for the rabies survivor described in 2005. this report also describes the subsequent epidemiologic investigations by three regional public ...200818305449
presence of neutralizing antibodies to rabies virus in striped skunks from areas free of skunk rabies in alberta.nine percent of 198 serum samples from striped skunks, mephitis mephitis (schreber) from five areas of alberta were positive for rabies neutralizing antibody. positive samples were minimal (2%) from specimens sampled in an area enzootic for rabies and occurred at greater rates in areas negative for skunk rabies. transmission of rabies virus to skunks may have been from a source other than skunks in those areas, most probably from bats.19846492318
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