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[vector-borne parasites of dogs on the islands of cabo verde].during an animal welfare campaign on the islands of cape verde (in the capital praia on the island of santiago) a total of 57 dogs were examined for ectoparasites and blood parasites. 84% of the animals were infested with arthropods, mostly ticks. haemotropic parasites were examined via blood smear, polymerase chain reaction (pcr) and/or serology. 23 dogs had single infections, five multiple infections with haemoparasites. in eight dogs ehrlichia canis and in one amaplasma phagocytophilum were d ...200819066773
ticks and haemoparasites of dogs from praia, cape february 2008 an epidemiological field study on arthropod-borne infections in dogs was carried out in praia, the capital city of cape verde. for this purpose 130 dogs were included in the study. of these, 94.6% were infested with ticks. altogether, 1293 ticks of the genus rhipicephalus (in all evaluated cases r. sanguineus) were collected. examination for haemotropic parasites was performed via polymerase chain reaction (pcr). lymph node fine-needle aspirates were screened by pcr for leishman ...200919729247
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