listeriosis of gray foxes in massachusetts. a case report. 19654953824
genome sequence of listeria monocytogenes scott a, a clinical isolate from a food-borne listeriosis outbreak.listeria monocytogenes is an opportunistic food-borne pathogen and the causative agent of listeriosis in animals and humans. we present the genome sequence of listeria monocytogenes scott a, a widely distributed and frequently used serovar 4b clinical isolate from the 1983 listeriosis outbreak in massachusetts.201121685277
outbreak of listeriosis--northeastern united states, 2002.a multistate outbreak of listeria monocytogenes infections with 46 culture-confirmed cases, seven deaths, and three stillbirths or miscarriages in eight states has been linked to eating sliceable turkey deli meat. cases have been reported from pennsylvania (14 cases), new york (11 in new york city and seven in other locations), new jersey (five), delaware (four), maryland (two), connecticut (one), massachusetts (one), and michigan (one). culture dates ranged from july 18 to september 30, 2002; c ...200212437035
multistate outbreak of listeriosis--united states, 1998.since early august 1998, 40 illnesses caused by a single strain of listeria monocytogenes (lm) have been identified in 10 states: ohio (13 cases); new york; tennessee, massachusetts, and west virginia (three each); michigan (two); and connecticut, oregon, vermont, and georgia (one each). dates of illness onset or lm isolation ranged from august 2 through december 2. all lm isolates from these cases are serotype 4b and share an unusual pattern when subtyped either by pulsed-field gel electrophore ...19989883769
an outbreak of type 4b listeria monocytogenes infection involving patients from eight boston hospitals.during september and october 1979, 23 patients admitted to hospitals in the boston area had systemic listeria monocytogenes infection. twenty (87%) of these isolates were l monocytogenes type 4b, whereas only nine (33%) of the isolates serotyped during the preceding 26 months had been 4b. patients with type 4b listeria infection during the epidemic period (case patients) differed from patients with sporadic listeria infection in the preceding two years in that more of the case patients had hospi ...19863954524
pasteurized milk as a vehicle of infection in an outbreak of listeriosis.between june 30th and august 30th, 1983, 49 patients in massachusetts acquired listeriosis. seven cases occurred in fetuses or infants and 42 in immunosuppressed adults; 14 patients (29 per cent) died. of 40 listeria monocytogenes isolates available for testing, 32 were serotype 4b. two case-control studies, one matching for neighborhood of residence and the other for underlying disease, revealed that the illness was strongly associated with drinking a specific brand of pasteurized whole or 2 pe ...19853918263
thermal inactivation of listeria monocytogenes within bovine milk phagocytes.thermal resistance of intracellular and freely suspended listeria monocytogenes that was associated with a milkborne outbreak of listeriosis was studied by using the sealed tube and slug flow heat exchanger methods. test temperatures for the former method were 57.8, 62.8, 66.1, and 68.9 degrees c (136, 145, 151, and 156 degrees f, respectively); whereas those for the latter method were 66.1, 68.9, 71.7, and 74.4 degrees c (151, 156, 161, and 166 degrees f, respectively). the heating menstruum wa ...19883128163
analysis of listeria monocytogenes by multilocus enzyme electrophoresis and application of the method to epidemiologic investigations.we examined 310 strains of listeria monocytogenes by multilocus enzyme electrophoresis. fifty-six electrophoretic types (ets) of the organism were defined: 10 for serovar 4b strains, 11 for serovar 1/2b strains, and 30 for serovar 1/2a strains. strains of serovars 1/2c, 3a, and 3b, and a non-typable strain were distributed among the remaining five ets. the mean genetic diversity of the species was 0.41. principal coordinate analysis revealed a sharp division among ets which divided the species i ...19892518381
genetic characterization of clones of the bacterium listeria monocytogenes causing epidemic hundred and seventy-five isolates of the pathogenic bacterium listeria monocytogenes recovered from human clinical (blood and cerebrospinal fluid), animal, and environmental sources in europe, north america, and elsewhere were analyzed electrophoretically for allelic variation at 16 genetic loci encoding metabolic enzymes. forty-five distinctive allele profiles (electrophoretic types, ets) were distinguished, among which mean genetic diversity per locus (h) was 0.424. cluster analysis of a m ...19892498876
acute bacterial meningitis in adults. a review of 493 characterize acute bacterial meningitis in adults, we reviewed the charts of all persons 16 years of age or older in whom acute bacterial meningitis was diagnosed at massachusetts general hospital from 1962 through 1988. we included patients who were admitted after initial treatment at other hospitals.19938416268
pulsed-field gel electrophoresis applied for comparing listeria monocytogenes strains involved in outbreaks.recent food-borne outbreaks of human listeriosis as well as numerous sporadic cases have been mainly caused by listeria monocytogenes serovar 4b strains. thus, it was of interest to find out whether a certain clone or a certain few clones were responsible for these cases and especially for outbreaks. we used pulsed-field gel electrophoresis of large chromosomal dna restriction fragments generated by apai, smai, or noti to analyse 75 l. monocytogenes strains isolated during six major and eight sm ...19938500010
outbreak of listeria monocytogenes infections associated with pasteurized milk from a local dairy--massachusetts, 2007.on november 27, 2007, a local health officer in central massachusetts contacted the massachusetts department of public health (mdph) to report listeriosis in a man aged 87 years. pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pfge) performed on the patient's listeria monocytogenes isolate produced a pattern indistinguishable from that of isolates from three other cases identified in residents of central massachusetts in june, october, and early november 2007. mdph, in collaboration with local public health o ...200818846031
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