infantile pertussis rediscovered in china.immunization against pertussis was introduced in china in the 1960s. since the 1970s, no culture-confirmed pertussis cases have been reported in the country. we report six infants with culture-confirmed pertussis, who were initially diagnosed as having other respiratory diseases at beijing children's hospital, beijing.200212141975
a multiplex pcr-based reverse line blot hybridization (mpcr/rlb) assay for detection of bacterial respiratory pathogens in children with develop and evaluate a novel method for simultaneous identification of 12 potential bacterial pathogens in children with community-acquired pneumonia.200818085683
complete genome sequence of b. pertussis cs, chinese pertussis vaccine strain.bordetella pertussis is the causative agent of pertussis. here, we report the genome sequence of bordetella pertussis strain cs, isolated from an infant patient in beijing and widely used as a vaccine strain for production of acellular pertussis vaccine in china.201121622744
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