[candidemia in a brazilian tertiary care hospital: incidence, frequency of different species, risk factors and antifungal susceptibility].results from a cross-sectional observational study on candidemia conducted at hospital de clínicas, federal university of paraná, are presented. from january 2001 to december 2004, one hundred candidemia cases were evaluated. the incidence was 1.27 episodes per 1,000 hospitalizations and candida was the eighth most frequently isolated agent from bloodstream infections. the patients ages ranged from five days to 89 years, with a mean of 32 years. sixty percent of the cases occurred in adults (66% ...200818368266
correlation of candida species and symptoms among patients with vulvovaginal candidiasis in maringá, paraná, brazil.vulvovaginal candidiasis (vvc) is an infection caused by abnormal yeast growth in the mucosa of the female genital tract which is commonly diagnosed in gynecology. the aim of this study was to correlate the frequency of yeasts and their respective species in asymptomatic women with different clinical manifestation of vvc; evaluate possible relationships between number of fungus colonies and symptoms in this pathology. all patients who visited the laboratory within a period of five months, for ro ...200415709802
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