three unrelated species, 3 sites, same host--monogenean parasites of the southern fiddler ray, trygonorrhina fasciata, in south australia: egg hatching strategies and larval behaviour.the southern fiddler ray, trygonorrhina fasciata (rhinobatidae), is parasitized by 3 monogenean (platyhelminth) species from 3 families on 3 different sites of the host: calicotyle australis (monocotylidae) from the cloaca, pseudoleptobothrium aptychotremae (microbothriidae) from the skin and branchotenthes octohamatus (hexabothriidae) from the gills. cues that promote egg hatching were investigated for each species and the behaviour of their larvae was also documented. eggs were laid by parasit ...200616563201
comparative phylogeography reveals host generalists, specialists and cryptic diversity: hexabothriid, microbothriid and monocotylid monogeneans from rhinobatid rays in southern australia.the phylogeography and host specificity of three monogenean species infecting different sites on the southern fiddler ray, trygonorrhina fasciata (rhinobatidae) in south australia (sa) were studied: branchotenthes octohamatus (hexabothriidae: gills), calicotyle australis (monocotylidae: cloaca) and pseudoleptobothrium aptychotremae (microbothriidae: skin). five rhinobatid species (aptychotrema vincentiana, t. fasciata, trygonorrhina sp. a, aptychotrema rostrata and rhinobatos typus) with distrib ...200818621052
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