epizootiologic factors of fascioloides magna (trematoda) in oregon and southern washington. 19676068250
clinical fascioloides magna infection in sheep in oregon on pasture shared by columbian white-tailed deer. 19807447146
dna-based identification of a hepatic trematode in an elk calf.liver fluke infection was identified as a probable cause of clinical disease in an approximately 6-mo-old elk (cervus elaphus) in coastal oregon. clinical pathology and necropsy findings are described. the alcohol-fixed flukes that were submitted for identification were similar in size to fasciola hepatica, but their shape resembled fascioloides magna in that they lacked a distinctive anterior cone. a few structures consistent with the eggs of f. magna were observed in liver lesions, suggesting ...200717984277
multiple origins of european populations of the giant liver fluke fascioloides magna (trematoda: fasciolidae), a liver parasite of ruminants.the giant liver fluke, fascioloides magna, a liver parasite of free-living and domestic ruminants of europe and north america, was analysed in order to determine the origin of european populations and to reveal the biogeography of this originally north american parasite on the european continent. the variable fragments of the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit i (cox1; 384bp) and nicotinamide dehydrogenase subunit i (nad1; 405bp) were used. phylogenetic trees and haplotype networks were ...201021172350
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