Antibacterial activity of selected medicinal plants against multiple antibiotic resistant uropathogens: a study from Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu, India.The increasing incidence of antibiotic resistance among bacterial pathogens necessitates medicinal plants as an alternate therapy in restricting the resistant infectious organisms. In this primitive study, the antibiotic resistance of organisms isolated from urinary tract infected patients was evaluated using the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (NCCLS) method and Multiple Antibiotic Resistance (MAR) index values, and the MAR values was also calculated for plant extracts. The ...201121986363
the distribution of carbapenem- and colistin-resistance in gram-negative bacteria from the tamil nadu region in india.the occurrence of carbapenem- and colistin-resistance among gram-negative bacteria is increasing worldwide. the aim of this study was to understand the distribution of carbapenem- and colistin-resistance in two areas in tamil nadu, india.201728671537
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