role of oral minocycline in acute encephalitis syndrome in india - a randomized controlled trial.acute encephalitis syndrome (aes) is a public health problem in india. neuroinfections are believed to be the most important etiology. minocycline is a semisythetic tetracycline having excellent penetration into cerebrospinal fluid, established neuroprotective and antiviral properties besides action on nonviral causes of aes. it has been shown to be effective in animal model of japanese encephalitis (je). a randomized, controlled trial of nasogastric/oral minocycline in je and aes at a single ce ...201626847071
seroprevalence of anti-hcv antibodies among blood donors of north india.transfusion of blood and blood products although considered as a life saving treatment modality, but may lead to certain infectious and non-infectious complications in the recipients. the purpose of this analysis was to monitor the seroprevalence of anti-hcv antibody in the blood donor population in a hospital based blood bank in north india, to evaluate the trends over the years (2001-2011).024056566
kyasanur forest the spring of 1957, an outbreak of severe disease was documented in people living near the kyasanur forest in karnataka state, india, which also affected wild nonhuman primates. collection of samples from dead animals and the use of classical virological techniques led to the isolation of a previously unrecognized virus, named kyasanur forest disease virus (kfdv), which was found to be related to the russian spring-summer encephalitis (rsse) complex of tick-borne viruses. further evaluation f ...201223110991
isolation and genetic characterization of japanese encephalitis virus from equines in india.japanese encephalitis (je) is an important vector-borne viral disease of humans and horses in asia. je outbreaks occur regularly amongst humans in certain parts of india and sporadic cases occur among horses. in this study, je seroprevalence and evidence of je virus (jev) infection among horses in haryana (india) is described. antibodies against jev were detected in 67 out of 637 (10.5%) horses screened between 2006 and 2010. two foals exhibiting neurological signs were positive for jev rna by r ...022705732
nipah virus-associated encephalitis outbreak, siliguri, india.during january and february 2001, an outbreak of febrile illness associated with altered sensorium was observed in siliguri, west bengal, india. laboratory investigations at the time of the outbreak did not identify an infectious agent. because siliguri is in close proximity to bangladesh, where outbreaks of nipah virus (niv) infection were recently described, clinical material obtained during the siliguri outbreak was retrospectively analyzed for evidence of niv infection. niv-specific immunogl ...200616494748
envelope protein gene based molecular characterization of japanese encephalitis virus clinical isolates from west bengal, india: a comparative approach with respect to sa14-14-2 live attenuated vaccine strain.increasing virulence of japanese encephalitis virus (jev), a mosquito-borne zoonotic pathogen is of grave concern because it causes a neurotrophic killer disease japanese encephalitis (je) which, in turn, is responsible globally for viral acute encephalitis syndrome (aes). despite the availability of vaccine, je/aes cases and deaths have become regular features in the different rural districts of west bengal (wb) state, india, indicating either the partial coverage of vaccine or the emergence of ...201323927571
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