molecular epidemiology of rabies from maranhão and surrounding states in the northeastern region of brazil.although many outbreaks of rabies have been reported in northern brazil, few epidemiological studies of these outbreaks have been undertaken. in this study, molecular epidemiological analyses were performed using 41 rabies virus samples isolated in the maranhão (ma), pará (pa), and tocantins (to) states of northeastern brazil. a 599-bp region of the glycoprotein (g) gene was first amplified from each sample by rt-pcr, then sequenced and subjected to phylogenetic analysis. a phylogenetic tree div ...200616773238
human rabies transmitted by vampire bats: antigenic and genetic characterization of rabies virus isolates from the amazon region (brazil and ecuador).since 2004, the main transmitter of human rabies in latin america has been the vampire bat (desmodus rotundus). based on the nucleoprotein of the rabies virus (rv), we analyzed antigenic and genetic profiles of isolates from 29 samples taken from humans living in different areas of the amazon region. two isolates were from ecuador and 27 from the northern and northeastern regions of brazil, which were obtained during outbreaks in various municipalities in the states of pará and maranhão in the y ...201020637811
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