a comparison of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and indirect fluorescent antibody test in the sero-diagnosis of cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis in iran.elisa and ifat have been applied to the sero-diagnosis of cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis and the levels of leishmanial antibody detected by leishmania donovani antigens in both tests have been compared. from the results it appears that elisa is a little more sensitive than ifat, but ifat seems to be more specific in detecting leishmanial antibodies. in both tests reactions between leishmanial antigen and some other infections, such as malaria and typhoid, were observed. these non-specific ...1979382470
molecular detection of leishmania infection in sand flies in border line of iran-turkmenistan: restricted and permissive vectors.a molecular study was carried out to incriminate sand fly vectors of cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) in rural areas of sarakhs district, khorassane-razavi province, northeastern iran, in 2011. sand flies of sergentomyia with three species and phlebotomus with six species respectively comprised 73.3% and 26.7% of the specimens. phlebotomus papatasi was the most common phlebotomine species in outdoor and indoor resting places. leishmania infection was found at least in 17 (22%) specimens including ph ...201323933280
phlebotomus perfiliewi transcaucasicus is circulating both leishmania donovani and l. infantum in northwest iran.leishmania infantum is the causative agent of infantile visceral leishmaniasis (ivl) in the mediterranean basin and, based on isoenzyme typing of the parasite isolated from dogs; this parasite was considered to predominate in the all foci of ivl in iran. however, based on pcr detection and sequencing of parasite cysteine protease b (cpb), only one out of seven sandfly infections in phlebotomus perfiliewi transcaucasicus was found to be l. infantum in the current investigation. the six other infe ...200919631209
an integrated pipeline for the development of novel panels of mapped microsatellite markers for leishmania donovani complex, leishmania braziliensis and leishmania major.a panel of microsatellites mapped to the leishmania genome might make it possible to find associations between specific loci and phenotypic traits. to identify such loci, a perl programme was written that scans the sequence of a genome and writes all loci containing microsatellites to a mysql database. the programme was applied to the sequences of the l. braziliensis, l. infantum and l. major genomes. the database is publicly available over the internet: ...200818371241
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