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canine and feline infections by cardiopulmonary nematodes in central and southern italy.capillaria aerophila, aelurostrongylus abstrusus, angiostrongylus vasorum and dirofilaria immitis are cardiopulmonary nematodes affecting dogs and cats and presently emerging in several countries. the results obtained in 2009 - 2010 during a study aiming to investigate the occurrence of these nematodes in regions from central (marche and abruzzo regions - sites a and b, respectively) and southern (apulia - site c) italy are here reported. a total of 534 and 436 individual faecal samples collecte ...201121739378
evidences of increasing risk of dirofilarioses in southern italy.given the spread of aedes albopictus from northern to southern italy, and the lack of updated data on dirofilaria infections, this study was carried out to assess the infection risk for dogs and cats in apulia region. during a 2-year study, 175 a. albopictus female specimens and samples of blood from 427 dogs (309 privately owned dogs and 118 shelter dogs) and 12 cats were collected. all blood samples were subjected to a modified knott method, to a test for the detection of circulating dirofilar ...201323224639
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