genetic characterization of toxoplasma gondii in yunnan black goats (capra hircus) in southwest china by pcr-rflp.toxoplasma gondii is a protozoan parasite that infects almost all warm-blooded animals and human beings. goats are one of the susceptible animals to t. gondii. however, little is known of genetic diversity of t. gondii in yunnan black goats in china. the objective of this present study was to determine the genotypes of t. gondii isolates from black goats in yunnan province, southwest china.201525622613
spotted fever group rickettsia in yunnan province, china.abstract information about spotted fever group (sfg) rickettsiae in southern china remains sparse. a specific and sensitive real-time pcr assay for detection of sfg rickettsiae was established and used to detect the prevalence rate of sfg rickettsiae in yunnan province, china. the limit of detection (lod) of our real-time pcr was 200 copies per reaction, which is more sensitive than the previously developed nested pcr assays for rickettsia. we tested 265 blood samples (127 goats, 78 dogs, and ...201222225423
[investigation of toxoplasma gondii infected animals in yunnan province]. 200212568045
altitudinal ranging of black-crested gibbons at mt. wuliang, yunnan: effects of food distribution, temperature and human disturbance.we studied the altitudinal ranging of one habituated group of black-crested gibbons (nomascus concolor) at dazhaizi, mt. wuliang, yunnan, china, between march 2005 and april 2006. the group ranged from 1,900 to 2,680 m above sea level. food distribution was the driving force behind the altitudinal ranging patterns of the study group. they spent 83.2% of their time ranging between 2,100 and 2,400 m, where 75.8% of important food patches occurred. they avoided using the area above 2,500 m despite ...201020134169
sequencing and automated whole-genome optical mapping of the genome of a domestic goat (capra hircus).we report the ∼2.66-gb genome sequence of a female yunnan black goat. the sequence was obtained by combining short-read sequencing data and optical mapping data from a high-throughput whole-genome mapping instrument. the whole-genome mapping data facilitated the assembly of super-scaffolds >5× longer by the n50 metric than scaffolds augmented by fosmid end sequencing (scaffold n50 = 3.06 mb, super-scaffold n50 = 16.3 mb). super-scaffolds are anchored on chromosomes based on conserved synteny wit ...201323263233
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