effect of ozone treatment on eimeria colchici oocysts.the effect of ozone on the inhibition of the sporulation of eimeria colchici oocysts in vitro was examined. lower sporulation ratios were found to correspond directly to longer ozone exposure time. in pheasants, phasianus colchicus, orally inoculated with ozone-treated oocysts, lower mortality and lower oocysts per gram of feces were observed as compared with birds given untreated oocysts. thus, treatment of e. colchici oocysts with ozone alone was observed to partially inhibit the growth and in ...200212053957
an unusual case of coccidiosis in laboratory-reared pheasants resulting from a breach in outbreak of coccidiosis in laboratory-reared chinese ring-necked pheasants (phasianus colchicus) resulted in high morbidity and moderate mortality. the outbreak was associated with a breach in biosecurity caused by the cleaning of a sewer line with a mechanical device, resulting in extensive splattering of fecal material throughout the "clean room" where birds were held prior to use in coccidiosis experiments. mortality and morbidity in the affected birds were seen exactly 5 days after the in ...201020945799
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