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a comparison of frozen/thawed and fresh food substrates in development of calliphora augur (diptera: calliphoridae) larvae.while research has examined the effect of freezing and subsequent thawing on the decomposition of carcasses, no studies have investigated the effect of the freezing and thawing of tissues used as a developmental substrate by fly larvae. this paper reports on the results of such a study using larvae of calliphora augur (fabricius) on sheep's liver. approximately 20 first-instar larvae were collected on sheep liver and subsequently transferred to paired treatments of fresh and frozen/thawed liver ...200616642349
influence of substrate tissue type on larval growth in calliphora augur and lucilia cuprina (diptera: calliphoridae).the size of fly larvae is an important variable in the use of these insects to estimate postmortem interval. furthermore, the nutritional intake of larvae is likely to vary subject to the part of a corpse on which they are feeding. a study was therefore conducted to investigate the effect of type of food substrate on larval growth in two species of forensically important australian blowflies. after collection on sheep's liver in the laboratory, different groups of larvae of lucilia cuprina (wied ...200616696716
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