complete mitochondrial genome sequences from five eimeria species (apicomplexa; coccidia; eimeriidae) infecting domestic turkeys.clinical and subclinical coccidiosis is cosmopolitan and inflicts significant losses to the poultry industry globally. seven named eimeria species are responsible for coccidiosis in turkeys: eimeria dispersa; eimeria meleagrimitis; eimeria gallopavonis; eimeria meleagridis; eimeria adenoeides; eimeria innocua; and, eimeria subrotunda. although attempts have been made to characterize these parasites molecularly at the nuclear 18s rdna and its loci, the maternally-derived and mitotically replicati ...201425034633
the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of eimeria innocua (eimeriidae, coccidia, apicomplexa).the complete mitochondrial genome of eimeria innocua kr strain (eimeriidae, coccidia, apicomplexa) was sequenced. this coccidium infects turkeys (meleagris gallopavo), bobwhite quails (colinus virginianus), and grey partridges (perdix perdix). genome organization and gene contents were comparable with other eimeria spp. infecting galliform birds. the circular-mapping mt genome of e. innocua is 6247 bp in length with three protein-coding genes (cox1, cox3, and cytb), 19 gene fragments encoding la ...201626099978
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