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communicable disease associated with milk and dairy products in england and wales: 1983-1984.during the period 1983-1984 32 outbreaks of disease (ii in 1983 and 21 in 1984) associated with consumption of milk and dairy products and affecting at least 714 people were reported from england and wales. twenty-seven of the outbreaks were attributed to raw milk, two to contaminated pasteurised milk and one each to cheese, cream and ice-cream. twenty-two were due to salmonellas, seven to campylobacters and one each to staphylococcus aureus, yersinia enterocolitica and streptococcus zooepidemic ...19863722841
meningoencephalitis caused by streptococcus zooepidemicus in a goat. 19817204252
potential pathogens carried by spanish ibex (capra pyrenaica hispanica) in southern spain.the spanish ibex (capra pyrenaica hispanica) population of southern spain was surveyed for potential pathogens associated with the conjunctiva, external ear canal, as well as reproductive and upper respiratory tracts. we sampled 321 ibex (131 adult males, 100 adult females, and 90 yearlings); these included 271 apparently healthy animals and 50 that were naturally infected with sarcoptes scabiei. a total of 688 bacterial isolates were identified (377 gram-negatives, 225 gram-positives, and 86 my ...200616870855
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