redescription of oocysts of the bovine coccidia eimeria bukidnonensis tubangui 1931 and e. wyomingensis huizinga and winger 1942.oocysts of eimeria bukidnonenisis and e. wyomingensis were found to be morphologically similar, and could be reliably differentiated only by measurements. pyriform oocysts of e. bukidnonensis measured 43 to 51 by 30 to 35 mum (mean 47.4 by 33.0 mum); sporocysts were 18 to 21 by 9 to 11 mum (mean 19.6 by 9.8 mum). micropyle present; polar granule, oocyst residuum, and sporocyst residuum absent. oocyst wall of 2 layers, 3.5 mum thick, and dark brown. pyriform oocysts of e. wyomingensis measured 36 ...1976932913
quantitative determination of coccidian oocysts in beef calves from the coastal plain area of georgia (u.s.a.).for two consecutive years, determinations were made of the prevalence and abundance of coccidian oocysts from crossbred beef calves raised on bahia grass pastures in the coastal plain area of georgia. of the 534 fecal samples collected during the survey, 461 (86.3%) contained one or more species of coccidian oocysts. the total mean oocysts per gram of feces (opg) was significantly different (p less than 0.10) between the two years. thirteen species of eimeria were found during both years of the ...19873564337
letter: the occurrence of the coccidian eimeria bukidnonensis in new zealand cattle. 19744529124
the occurrence of the coccidian eimeria bukidnonensis tubangui 1931, in nigerian cattle. 195413192549
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