yellow fever and zika virus epizootics and enzootics in of monkey serology are presented which, together with past evidence, support the view that yellow fever (yf) virus circulates in its primary sylvan host populations, i.e., forest monkeys, in an enzootic state in bwamba county in western uganda but as series of epizootics in the forest-savanna mosaic zone of central uganda. evidence of an epizootic of zika virus at the zika forest near entebbe is described which occurred in two episodes, the first (in 1969) apparently following the build-up ...19826304948
an ecological assessment of the pandemic threat of zika virus.the current outbreak of zika virus poses a severe threat to human health. while the range of the virus has been cataloged growing slowly over the last 50 years, the recent explosive expansion in the americas indicates that the full potential distribution of zika remains uncertain. moreover, many studies rely on its similarity to dengue fever, a phylogenetically closely related disease of unknown ecological comparability. here we compile a comprehensive spatially-explicit occurrence dataset from ...201627564232
zika virus and neuroscience: the need for a translational collaboration.zika virus (zikv) has become a major challenge for scientists and health agencies. zikv's involvement with human fetal microcephaly and guillain-barré syndrome and its transmission through aedes africanus and aedes aegypti mosquitos highlighted the epidemiological and neurological risks associated to zikv infection. in 2013, zikv arrives in brazil but the first outbreak in the country was reported in 2015. here, we used the web of science as a search tool for comparing the evolution of world and ...201728185126
molecular characterization of three zika flaviviruses obtained from sylvatic mosquitoes in the central african republic.zika virus (zikv) is an emerging pathogen belonging to the spondweni serocomplex within the genus flavivirus. it has been isolated from several mosquito species. two lineages of zikv have been defined by polyprotein homology. using high-throughput sequencing, we obtained and characterized three complete genomes of zikv isolated between 1976 and 1980 in the central african republic. the three viruses were isolated from two species of mosquito, aedes africanus and ae. opok. two sequences from ae. ...201425514122
zika virus disease: a current review of the literature.the massive pandemic of zika virus (zikv) infection is spreading through south america, central america, the caribbean, and possibly the usa. it is the most recent of four surprising appearances of imperative arthropod-borne viral illnesses in the western hemisphere over the preceding 20 years.201627510169
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