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population genetics of human, animal, and environmental yersinia strains.multilocus enzyme electrophoresis was used to analyze 244 strains of nine yersinia species isolated from the environment, animals, and humans at 18 genes encoding metabolic enzymes. all 18 enzymes were polymorphic. among the 137 electrophoretic types (ets) distinguished, the mean allelic diversity per locus was 0.531. yersinia frederiksenii ets were divided into three major clusters that were separated by a large genetic distance, and one et was more closely related to yersinia enterocolitica. t ...19938434911
comparison of siderophore production and utilization in pathogenic and environmental isolates of yersinia enterocolitica.yersinia enterocolitica strains of serotypes lethal to mice have been reported previously to produce an endogenous siderophore. in this study, an ethyl acetate-extractable siderophore was characterized and given the name yersiniophore. yersiniophore was produced by 16 of 16 human isolates of serotypes o:4, o:4,32, o:8, o:21, and one nonhuman isolate of serotype o:21. it was not produced by isolates of serotype o:3, o:5, or o:9. one strain of yersinia pseudotuberculosis produced yersiniophore, bu ...19948126201
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