[intestinal helminths in bangkok stray dogs and their role in public health (author's tranls)].feces examination of 107 stray dogs in bangkok, thailand, on intestinal helminths showed the following rates: hookworms 100%, trichuris vulpis 54.2%, toxocara canis 6.5%, gnathostoma spinigerum 2.8%, spirocerca lupi 17.8%, diphyllobothrium mansoni 1.9%, and opisthorchis viverrini 1.9%. out of these species hockworms (especially a. braziliense), t. canis, g. spinigerum, and d. mansoni are important sources of human cutaneous or visceral larva migrans, the latter two being special parasites of the ...19807435002
trichuris vulpis recovered from a patient with chronic diarrhea and five dogs.we report a case of human infection with the whipworm of dogs, trichuris vulpis, in a woman with duodenal ulcer disease, chronic diarrhea, and close contact with dogs. morphologically, t. vulpis ova resemble those of the human whipworm (t. trichiura) but are nearly twice their size.200212089315
[an epidemiological study on zoonoses in korea]helminthic zoonoses are of significant importance to the public health and to the socioeconomic consequences especially in lost-meat, animal products and animal labor. for past several decades in korea, it has been recognized that endoparasitic infections among domestic animals are extremely common and many of the helminth parasites of man have been acquired from, or are shared with domestic animals. however, there was no survey of a nationwide scale on the prevalence of animal helminthiasis; an ...198112902720
an apparent case of human infection with the whipworm of dogs, trichuris vulpis (froelich, 1789). 195613320261
[prevalence of intestinal helminths in dogs from quindío province].intestinal helminths are pathogens for domestic animals and provide a source of potential infection for humans.200516276682
[prevalence of intestinal nematodes in dogs from warsaw region].prevalence of intestinal nematodes in dogs from warsaw region. investigation of prevalence of intestinal parasites in dogs have been conducted in order to protect human and animal health. the aim of the study was to establish species composition of intestinal parasites and to evaluate their prevalence in dogs from the shelter in józefów situated on north from warsaw. additionally, urban dogs from warsaw and village dogs from areas near the shelter, were examined. the prevalence of nematodes was: ...200216894724
estimation of canine intestinal parasites in córdoba (spain) and their risk to public health.the prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in dogs was studied in the province of córdoba (southern spain), with special attention to those parasites that can be transmitted to man. the experiment was completed with the examination of soil samples from public parks and city gardens. the study was carried out over a population of 1800 animals entered in the control animal centre (ceca) by coprological methods, and within this group, 300 dogs were sacrificed and necropsied. the prevalence of any ...200716971046
high prevalence of intestinal zoonotic parasites in dogs from belgrade, serbia--short identify areas of risk for canine-related zoonoses in serbia, the aim of this study was to provide baseline knowledge about intestinal parasites in 151 dogs (65 household pets, 75 stray and 11 military working dogs) from belgrade. the following parasites, with their respective prevalences, were detected: giardia duodenalis (14.6%), ancylostomatidae (24.5%), toxocara canis (30.5%), trichuris vulpis (47.0%) and taenia-type helminths (6.6%). of all examined dogs, 75.5% (114/151) were found to ha ...200818828485
parasitism of prehistoric humans and companion animals from antelope cave, mojave county, northwest arizona.abstract previously, we reported a tick recovered from antelope cave in extreme northwest arizona. further analyses of coprolites from antelope cave revealed additional parasitological data from coprolites of both human and canid origin. a second tick was found. this site is the only archaeological locality where ticks have been recovered. we also discovered an acanthocephalan in association with enterobius vermicularis eggs in the same coprolite. this association shows that the coprolite was de ...201121506807
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