a preliminary investigation on the infectivity of trichinella larvae in traditional preparations of walrus meat.this study evaluated the infectivity of trichinella nativa in freshly frozen walrus meat and traditionally aged walrus meat (igunaq) associated with two human outbreaks of trichinellosis in the canadian arctic. trichinella larvae recovered from walrus meat stored at -20 degrees c for up to 20 months remained infective for guinea pigs inoculated with 135 or 716 larval doses. however, none of the 4-5 and 10-month-old igunaq preparations contained infective t. nativa larvae as measured by bioassays ...200415278445
a 10-year wildlife survey of 15 species of canadian carnivores identifies new hosts or geographic locations for trichinella genotypes t2, t4, t5, and t6.a survey of wild carnivores in canada was conducted over a 10-year period to determine the prevalence and genotypes of trichinella. muscle samples collected from 1409 animals representing 15 hosts species were enzymatically digested to recover trichinella larvae. larvae were recovered from a total of 287 (20.4%) animals and pcr identified four genotypes of trichinella. trichinella nativa was found in 5 host species and was the most commonly found genotype. trichinella t6 was present in 7 species ...201019926223
trichinella infection in a hunting community in east greenland.trichinella nativa infection (trichinellosis) is highly prevalent in arctic wildlife, but the human burden of trichinellosis in present-day greenland is unknown. the study aimed to determine trichinella seroprevalence in an eastern greenlandic hunting community and to evaluate risk factors for seropositivity. overall, 998 inhabitants aged 10 years in the ammassalik municipality were tested for trichinella-specific igg antibodies. background information was obtained from questionnaires. seroposit ...201020144253
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