the forgotten first career of doctor henry van dyke carter.while henry gray's anatomy: descriptive and surgical, first published in 1858, is distinguished by superb illustrations, its original illustrator is remembered for an entirely different set of accomplishments, notably significant contributions to tropical medicine.19957582216
prolonged maintenance of spirochetes and filtrable viruses in the frozen state.1. observations are reported on the virulence of various types of spirochetes and filtrable viruses after storage at - 787deg;c. for periods up to 3 years. 2. five specimens of treponema pallidum belonging to 4 different strains, and 7 specimens of t. pertenue belonging to 5 different strains were tested after storage for approximately 3 years. with one exception each specimen contained actively motile treponemes, and all specimens were highly pathogenic for rabbits. many other specimens of thes ...193919870935
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