antiviral activities of tragacanthin polysaccharides on punta toro virus infections in mice.tragacanthin polysaccharides from astragalus brachycentrus (av208) and astragalus echidnaeformis (av212) plants, which are devoid of in vitro antiviral activity, were evaluated in a mouse model of punta toro virus (ptv) infection. the ptv (a phlebovirus member of the bunyaviridae family of viruses) is a model for studying the treatment of rift valley fever and hantavirus infections. single intraperitoneal treatments with 12.5-200 mg/kg/day doses of av212 given 24 h before or 4 and 24 h after vir ...19968804797
host genetic variation in susceptibility to punta toro virus.infection of small laboratory animals by punta toro virus (ptv), family bunyaviridae, genus phlebovirus, is a model for the study of the human pathogen rift valley fever virus (rvfv). we have identified inbred mouse strains with significant differences in host response to the adames strain of ptv. nine inbred strains of mice representing major branches in the mus musculus phylogeny were inoculated subcutaneously with a high dose of ptv in survival experiments. two inbred strains of mice, nzw/lac ...201121320557
potent in vitro activity of the albumin fusion type 1 interferons (albumin-interferon-alpha and albumin-interferon-beta) against rna viral agents of bioterrorism and the severe acute respiratory syndrome (sars) virus.the type 1 interferons (inf-alpha and inf-beta) are potent antiviral agents. albumin-inf-alpha and albumin-inf-beta are novel recombinant proteins consisting of ifn-alpha or ifn-beta genetically fused to human albumin.200818560223
antiviral and immunomodulating inhibitors of experimentally-induced punta toro virus infections.a major component of a us army medical research and development command-supported program to discover and develop new drugs for the treatment of rift valley fever, sandfly fever, and crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever has been to study candidate test materials against hepatotropic infections of c57bl/6 mice induced by the related but less biohazardous punta toro virus (ptv). the effects of 75 compounds, some of which were considered immunomodulators in their primary mechanism of activity, were stud ...19947847873
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