characterization of wild-type and an active-site mutant in escherichia coli of short-chain acyl-coa dehydrogenase from megasphaera elsdenii.the objective of this work is to determine the molecular mechanism and regulation of short-chain acyl-coa dehydrogenase (scad) from megasphaera elsdenii. to achieve this, the gene coding for scad from m. elsdenii was cloned and sequenced. site-directed mutagenesis was then used to identify an amino acid residue that is required for the proposed mechanism. to clone the gene, the amino acid sequence of the 50 n-terminal residues of scad from m. elsdenii was determined. this sequence information wa ...19938399220
new bacterial species associated with chronic periodontitis.recent investigations of the human subgingival oral flora based on ribosomal 16s cloning and sequencing have shown many of the bacterial species present to be novel species or phylotypes. the purpose of the present investigation was to identify potential periodontal pathogens among these newly identified species and phylotypes. species-specific ribosomal 16s primers for pcr amplification were developed for detection of new species. associations with chronic periodontitis were observed for severa ...200312709498
prevalence and abundance of uncultivated megasphaera-like bacteria in the human vaginal environment.cultivation-independent analysis of 16s rrna gene sequences in vaginal samples revealed two previously unrecognized, uncultivated megasphaera-like phylotypes. phylogenetic analysis and environmental distribution suggest that these megasphaera types may be unique to the vaginal environment. quantitative pcr suggests that both phylotypes are present in higher concentrations in women with bacterial vaginosis.200818203860
[normal flora of the human conjunctiva: examination of 135 persons of various ages].conjunctival flora is a prime suspect in searching for the cause of post-traumatic or post-operative ocular infections. better information on its individual composition is therefore desirable.19947869685
[megasphaera elsdenii--occurrence in 2,255 fecal samples of humans, chimpanzees and mice].in human gnotobiotic studies the number of cfu/g feces expresses the interspecies-specific relations within this biotop. in our study we tried to culture the resident anaerobe microflora diluting 1 g feces to 10(-6) - 10(-9), and using the cystein-blood-agar (beerens mod. werner) together with the dextrose-water-blue agar. m. elsdenii appear as big, smooth and yellow colonies, which may be recognised at "first sight" diagnosis. in a retrospective study of 2255 fecal samples we compared the isola ...19836858444
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