bacteremia due to campylobacter cinaedi in a patient infected with the human immunodeficiency virus. 19921617064
characterization of campylobacter cinaedi and c. fennelliae antigens and analysis of the human immune response.whole-cell protein patterns of campylobacter cinaedi and c. fennelliae, identified by sds-page, differed from one another and from five other catalase-positive campylobacter species. when immunoblotted with rabbit antisera, c. cinaedi and c. fennelliae showed antigenic profiles that were highly species-specific and had little or no cross-reactivity with antigens of the other campylobacter species tested. antibody responses of 13 homosexual men with c. cinaedi infection demonstrated consistent re ...19892466910
comparison of iron uptake in different helicobacter species.comparison of iron uptake of four helicobacter species (helicobacter pylori, helicobacter felis, helicobacter acinonyx, and helicobacter mustelae), associated with various degrees of gastritis in their respective host, with five other species which colonize the intestinal tract of various animals (helicobacter fennelliae, helicobacter cinaedi, helicobacter muridarum, helicobacter bilis, and helicobacter hepaticus), demonstrated that the iron acquisition system differed according to the ecologica ...199910540911
alkyl hydroperoxide reductase is required for helicobacter cinaedi intestinal colonization and survival under oxidative stress in balb/c and balb/c il10-/- mice.helicobacter cinaedi, a common human intestinal bacterium, has been implicated in various enteric and systemic diseases in normal and immunocompromised patients. protection against oxidative stress is a crucial component of bacteria-host interactions. alkyl hydroperoxide reductase c (ahpc) is an enzyme responsible for detoxification of peroxides and is important in protection from peroxide-induced stress. h. cinaedi possesses a single ahpc, which was investigated with respect to its role in bact ...201122184416
multicenter study to evaluate bloodstream infection by helicobacter cinaedi in japan.helicobacter cinaedi has being recognized as an important human pathogen which causes bloodstream infections. although the first case of bacteremia with this pathogen in japan was reported in 2003, the true prevalence of h. cinaedi as a pathogen of bloodstream infections in this country is not yet known. therefore, the aim of our study was to assess the incidence of bacteremia with h. cinaedi in japan. we conducted a prospective, multicenter analysis in 13 hospitals during 6 months in tokyo, jap ...200717596362
an uncommon helicobacter isolate from blood: evidence of a group of helicobacter spp. pathogenic in aids unusual helicobacter sp. was isolated from the blood of a human immunodeficiency virus (hiv)-infected patient. this organism had spiral morphology, with single amphitrichous flagella, and was negative for hippurate hydrolysis, production of urease, and reduction of nitrate. 16s rrna gene sequence analysis verified that the isolate was a species of helicobacter, most closely related to an undescribed helicobacter-like isolate from vancouver, british columbia, canada, and to helicobacter westme ...199910405434
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