echinostoma ilocanum (garrison, 1908) odhner, 1911, infection in man in thailand. 19827147008
echinostoma ilocanum infection in oddar meanchey province, cambodia.fecal examinations using the kato katz technique were performed on a total of 1,287 villagers (945 students and 342 general inhabitants) of oddar meanchey province, cambodia in may 2007 and november 2009. the overall intestinal helminth egg positive rate was 23.9%, and the most prevalent helminth species was hookworms (21.6%). other helminth eggs detected included echinostomes (1.0%), enterobius vermicularis (0.8%), small trematode eggs (0.7%), which may include opisthorchis viverrini and haplor ...201121738278
intestinal fluke infections in southeast asia.twenty-three species of intestinal flukes reported in man in southeast asia are assigned to seven families: echinostomatidae, fasciolidae, heterophyidae, lecithodriidae, microphallidae, paramphistomatidae and plagiorchiidae. the majority of species belongs to the heterophyidae and echinostomatidae families. common species are fasciolopsis buski, echinostoma ilocanum, e. malayanum, e. revolutum and haplorchis yokogawai. the countries where large number of species were reported are thailand (14 sp ...19911822877
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