research of canine filariasis in trapani province (western sicily). morphology on sem of male dirofilaria repens.the prevalence of canine filariasis was investigated in 4 municipalities of trapani province (campobello di mazara, castelvetrano, marsala and mazara del vallo), an area where 8 human cases of dirofilariasis due to dirofilaria (nochtiella) repens have occurred during the last decade. blood samples were collected late in the afternoon, during august and september 1995, and examined by knott technique for the presence of microfilariae. sixtythree (29.3%) out of 215 domestic dogs (98 males, 117 fem ...19979802102
circulating non-human microfilaria in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus.a 12-yr-old girl with systemic lupus erythematosus requiring steroid therapy was found to have a circulating microfilaria during an exacerbation of her illness. morphologically, the microfilaria does not correspond precisely with any previously described species, though similarities exist between the patient's microfilaria and those of dipetalonema reconditum of the dog and d. interstitium of the grey squirrel. the organism reported here is probably an undescribed species from a wild mammal. alt ...1978568893
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