binding of human urokinase type plasminogen activator and plasminogen to borrelia species.borrelia burgdorferi binds human urokinase plasminogen activator (upa), which cleaves plasminogen (pgn) to plasmin. the ability of other borrelia species to bind upa, pgn, or both was investigated. borrelia coriacae, borrelia garinii, borrelia parkeri, borrelia anserina, and borrelia turicatae were compared with infectious and noninfectious b. burgdorferi isolates. all borrelia species lacked endogenous proteases capable of digesting casein, but all species bound human upa and pgn, generating pg ...19968656020
serial determinations of platelet counts in mice by flow cytometry.elucidation of the pathophysiological basis of platelet disorders in murine models requires a reliable method for the frequent determinations of platelet counts in individual mice. here, we present a rapid, reproducible and accurate flow cytometric method for enumeration of platelets that involves fluorescent staining of platelets in whole blood with specific antibody and the addition of known numbers of fluorescent beads for standardization of the sample volume. analysis of platelets obtained b ...200111522020
il-10 prevents apoptosis of brain endothelium during mice infected with the relapsing fever bacterium borrelia turicatae rapidly succumb to a brain hemorrhage if they are unable to clear peak bacteremia. in this study, we investigated the protective role of il-10 during relapsing-remitting bacteremia and explored the molecular events involved in the protection of brain endothelium by il-10. brain endothelial injury was measured with cytotoxicity and diverse apoptotic assays, whereas the signaling pathway analysis was done by quanti ...201121602495
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