serological survey of viral pathogens in bean and white-fronted geese from germany.sera from wild geese were tested for antibodies to selected viral pathogens at a resting site for wild waterfowl in germany. serum samples from both bean geese (anser fabalis) and white-fronted geese (anser albifrons) collected in october 1991 were examined using serological methods licensed for routine diagnosis in domestic poultry. of 130 sera tested, antibodies to several infectious agents were found including newcastle disease virus (45%), goose parvovirus (48%), avian reovirus (29%), and av ...19989706557
[monitoring influenza a virus and newcastle disease virus in migratory waterfowls in sanjiang natural reserve of heilongjiang province].in order to monitor the present situation of avian influenza virus (aiv) and newcastle disease virus (ndv) in migratory waterfowls effectively, 158 tracheal and cloacal swab samples for wild birds were collected from sanjiang natural reserve during migratory seasons in october 2005, april 2006 and october 2006.200819160826
a family-wide rt-pcr assay for detection of paramyxoviruses and application to a large-scale surveillance molecular diagnostic assays are valuable tools for initial identification of viruses during outbreaks and to limit costs of surveillance studies. recent discoveries of paramyxoviruses have called for such assay that is able to detect all known and unknown paramyxoviruses in one round of pcr amplification. we have developed a rt-pcr assay consisting of a single degenerate primer set, able to detect all members of the paramyxoviridae family including all virus genera within the subfami ...201222496880
a descriptive analysis of the potential association between migration patterns of bean and white-fronted geese and the occurrence of newcastle disease outbreaks in domestic birds.the sightings and migration patterns of 65 bean (anser fabalis) and 65 white-fronted geese (anser albifrons) are reported. in the past, these geese were serologically screened for the occurrence of newcastle disease virus (ndv) and other avian viral diseases by hlinak et al. (3). of the 130 birds originally tagged and serologically screened in 1991, 53 birds were resighted between 1991 and 1996. most of the sightings were reported from main wintering and resting sites in germany and the netherla ...199910396646
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