viruses causing mosaic disease in sugarcane and their genetic diversity in southern china.a survey of cultivated hybrid sugarcane (saccharum inter-specific hybrid) and noble sugarcane (saccharum officinarum) in southern china for the presence of sugarcane mosaic virus (scmv), sorghum mosaic virus (srmv) and sugarcane streak mosaic virus (scsmv) was conducted by rt-pcr from the years 2003 to 2006. scmv and srmv, but not scsmv, were found. a high incidence of scmv and srmv coinfection was revealed in both hybrid and noble sugarcanes. all coinfected plants showed mosaic symptom, whereas ...200818438601
molecular characterization and interviral relationships of a flexuous filamentous virus causing mosaic disease of sugarcane (saccharum officinarum l.) in india.a virus isolate causing mosaic disease of commercial sugarcane was purified to homogeneity. electron microscopy revealed flexuous filamentous virus particles of ca 890 x 15 nm. the virus isolate reacted positively with heterologous antiserum to narcissus latent virus form uk, but failed to react with potyvirus group specific antiserum. n-terminal sequencing of the intact coat protein (cp) and the tryptic peptides indicated that the virus was probably a potyvirus but distinct from several reporte ...199910226614
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