a comparative study on the immune response of sheep to foot and mouth disease virus vaccine type asia-1 prepared with different inactivants and adjuvants.foot and mouth disease virus type asia-1 was inactivated either with formaldehyde or binaryethylenimine (bei). inactivated vaccines were prepared incorporating aluminium hydroxide gel or mineral oil as an adjuvant. the antibody response to the adult sheep was studied by elisa and sn test for a period of 6 months. there was no difference in the antibody response between vaccines inactivated with formaldehyde or bei. whereas significant difference in the antibody response was observed between gel ...19921314158
experimental studies with foot-and-mouth disease virus type asia-1, responsible for the 2005 epidemic in china.this study was carried out to investigate the biological characteristics of the foot-and-mouth disease (fmd) virus strain asia-1 china/2005, which is responsible for the 2005 epidemic in china. the result showed that this strain is not host restricted, and could not only cause fmd in cattle and sheep but also in pigs by either inoculation or direct contact.200818155114
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