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histological data associated with muscovy duck reovirus infection. 19882845626
molecular characterization and expression of the s3 gene of muscovy duck reovirus strain 89026.although reovirus infection is one of the major virus diseases of muscovy ducks in france, no vaccine is available and nothing is known about the structure and function of the genes and proteins of the reovirus involved. the complete s3 genome segment of the muscovy duck reovirus strain 89026 has been cloned and the nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences are reported here. the s3 genome segment is 1201 bp long and possesses the same terminal motifs (5' gcttttt and tattcatc 3') as the s3 gen ...19999934702
muscovy duck reovirus sigmac protein is atypically encoded by the smallest genome segment.although muscovy duck reovirus (drv) shares properties with the reovirus isolated from chicken, commonly named avian reovirus (arv), the two virus species are antigenically different. similar to the drv sigmab-encoded gene (1201 bp long) previously identified, the three other double-stranded rna small genome segments of drv have been cloned and sequenced. they were 1325, 1191 and 1124 bp long, respectively, and contained conserved terminal sequences common to arvs. they coded for single expressi ...200211961275
baculovirus-expressed muscovy duck reovirus sigmac protein induces serum neutralizing antibodies and protection against challenge.recombinant baculoviruses with sigmac- or sigmab-encoding gene from muscovy duck reovirus (drv) were constructed. western-blot analysis showed that sigmac was more immunoreactive than sigmab. vaccination of spf ducks with two injections, 3 weeks apart, of emulsions containing sigmac or sigmac + sigmab elicited drv-specific neutralizing antibodies. following challenge, vaccination partially--or even totally in some cases--prevented the appearance of clinical symptoms. moreover, immunization reduc ...200212163262
sequence analysis of the s3 gene from a turkey reovirus.the deduced sigma-2 protein sequence from the s3 gene segment of a novel turkey reovirus, designated nc98, isolated from the bursa of birds exhibiting poult enteritis and mortality syndrome was determined. the isolate, serologically distinct from other avian reoviruses, was isolated in turkey embryo kidney cells and rna was purified for cdna synthesis. oligonucleotide primers were designed based on conserved avian s3 nucleotide sequence data. the nc98 s3 open reading frame comprised 1,101 base p ...200212206313
the goose reovirus genome segment encoding the minor outer capsid protein, sigma1/sigmac, is bicistronic and shares structural similarities with its counterpart in muscovy duck reovirus.reoviruses have recently been shown to be associated with disease in young geese and to be involved in epizooties of severe outcome in hungary. to assess the genetic variability among these pathogenic goose reoviruses (grvs), we sequenced the s4 genome segment of five grv strains isolated from different diseased flocks. we found that the grv s4 genome segment, consisting of two partially overlapping open reading frames (orfs), shares substantial structural similarity with its counterpart in musc ...200516175334
characterization of the sigmac-encoding gene from musocvy duck reovirus.the sigmac-encoding gene of two muscovy duck reovirus (drv) s14 and c4 strains were cloned and completely sequenced. the open reading frame (orf) comprised 810 bp and encoded 269 amino acids with a predicated molecular mass of 29.5 kda. expressed sigmac fusion protein in escherichia coli bl21 strain could be detected by western blotting under duck anti-reovirus polyclonal serum. there are two large gap insertions at the n-terminal part of the drv sigmac when necessary to optimize the alignment o ...200616604448
characterization of m-class genome segments of muscovy duck reovirus s14.this report documents the first sequence analysis of the entire m1, m2, and m3 genome segments of the muscovy duck reovirus (drv) s14. the complete sequence of each of the three m gene segments was determined. the m1 genome segment was 2283 nucleotides in length and was predicted to encode mua protein of 732 residues. the escherichia coli expressed m1 transcripts generated a 108kda protein, as expected for mua. a cleavage product of mua, mua1, could be detected by western blotting with duck anti ...200717218035
characterization of the sigmab-encoding genes of muscovy duck reovirus: sigmac-sigmab-elisa for antibodies against duck reovirus in ducks.the sigmab/sigmac-encoding genes of muscovy duck reovirus (drv) s12 strain were cloned, sequenced, and expressed in escherichia coli. the sigmac-encoding gene of drv showed only 21-22% identity to that of avian reovirus (arv) at both nucleotide and amino acid level. the sigmab-encoding gene of drv comprised 1163bp with one open reading frame (orf). the orf comprised 1104bp and encoded 367 amino acids with a predicted molecular mass of 40.44 kda. a zinc-binding motif and a basic amino acid motif ...200717218069
structural and biological characteristics of reoviruses isolated from muscovy ducks (cairina moschata).two muscovy duck reoviruses, strains y1/79 and 1625/87, were investigated with regard to their genome organization, polypeptide pattern, serotype specificity, and pathogenicity. electrophoretic analysis of the genome revealed the migration pattern of avian reoviruses. in spite of general conformity, great polymorphism was detected in the electrophoretic mobility of individual genome segments of the two strains sharing only three segments of identical size (l1, m2, m3). only one segment (m3) migr ...199218670963
apoptosis induced by duck reovirus p10.8 protein in primary duck embryonated fibroblast and vero e6 cells.muscovy duck reovirus (mdrv) is an important poultry pathogen that causes high morbidity and mortality in ducklings. the mechanisms by which viruses kill susceptible cells, and ultimately produce diseases, in muscovy duck remain poorly understood. in this study, we focused on the biologic functions of the mdrv p10.8 protein in vitro. the p10.8 protein is a small protein of mdrv that is encoded by the first open reading frame of the s4 segment. in our study, the p10.8-encoding gene was individual ...200919848085
molecular detection of muscovy duck parvovirus by loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay.muscovy duck parvovirus (mdpv) usually causes high morbidity and mortality in 1- to 3-wk-old muscovy ducklings due to serious infections, which is an imminent threat to the commercial duck industry in china. the objectives of this study were to develop and evaluate a simple, rapid, and inexpensive loop-mediated isothermal amplification (lamp) method for specific detection of mdpv and to compare it with the pcr method in rapidity, sensitivity, and accuracy. the novel lamp assay used a set of 4 sp ...201020181863
characterization of monoclonal antibodies against muscovy duck reovirus sigmab protein.the sigmab protein of muscovy duck reovirus (drv), one of the major structural proteins, is able to induce neutralizing antibody in ducks, but the monoclonal antibody (mab) against sigmab protein has never been characterized.201020569474
Antigenic analysis monoclonal antibodies against different epitopes of sB protein of Muscovy duck reovirus.sB is one of the major structural proteins of Muscovy duck reovirus (DRV), which is able to induce protective immune response in target birds. Four anti-DRV sB MAbs were identified belong to two distinct epitopes, designated A (1E5, 4E3, and 5D8) and B (2F7) (Liu et al., 2010). To understand antigenic determinants of the sB protein, a set of 20 (P1-P20), partially overlapping and consecutive peptides spanning sB were expressed and then screened by MAbs. With Western blot and enzyme-linked immuno ...201122197425
[immunosuppression effect of co-infection with mdrv and h9 aiv on thymus in muscovy ducks].to study the immunosuppression effect on the thymus of muscovy ducks after infected with muscovy duck reovirus (mdrv) and h9 influenza virus (aiv).201122233063
[gene sequence analysis and prokaryotic expression of sigmab protein of muscovy duck reovirus yb strain].muscovy ducks reovirus (drv) is an important pathogen with a high mortality rate in muscovy ducks, the researches in the test and the immunity were useful for the prevention and control of drv infection. in this study, the s3 genes of the three fujian drvs were cloned by rt-pcr and sequencing technology. it was found that drv-yh and yjl were close to avian reovirus (arv) in the genetic distance, with high identities ranged from 94. 6% to 98. 9%, however, the identities of drv-yb strain and refer ...201323757851
complete sequence of a reovirus associated with necrotic focus formation in the liver and spleen of muscovy ducklings.the complete sequence of a reovirus, strain 815-12 associated with necrotic focus formation in the liver and spleen of muscovy ducklings in china, was determined and compared with sequences of other duck-, goose-, and chicken-origin reoviruses. the 815-12 genome comprised 22,969 bp with 10 dsrna segments ranging from 1125 bp (s4) to 3958 bp (l1), all of which (except s4) were almost identical in length to the cognate segments of other waterfowl and chicken isolates. detailed analyses revealed th ...201323820048
isolation and genomic characterization of a classical muscovy duck reovirus isolated in zhejiang, china.a classical muscovy reovirus was isolated from a sick muscovy duck with white necrotic foci in its liver in zhejiang, china, in 2000. this classical reovirus was propagated in a chicken fibroblast cell line (df-1) with obvious cytopathic effects. its genome was 22,967 bp in length, with approximately 51.41% g+c content and 10 dsrna segments encoding 11 proteins, which formed a 3/3/4 electrophoretic page profile pattern. the length of the genomic segments was similar to those of avian orthoreovir ...201324140560
genomic characteristics of a novel reovirus from muscovy duckling in china.a new reovirus was isolated from a sick muscovy duckling with hemorrhagic-necrotic lesions in the liver in zhejiang, china in 2000 and was tentatively denoted a new type of muscovy duck reovirus (n-mdrv zj00m). this reovirus was propagated in a chicken fibroblast cell line (df-1) with obvious cytopathic effects. the reovirus's genome was 23,419 bp in length with an approximately 50% g+c content and 10 dsrna segments encoding 12 proteins. the length of the genomic segments was similar to those of ...201424355531
muscovy duck reovirus p10.8 protein localizes to the nucleus via a nonconventional nuclear localization was previously report that the first open reading frame of muscovy duck reocvirus s4 gene encodes a 95-amino-acid protein, designed p10.8, which has no sequence similarity to other known proteins. its amino acid sequence offers no clues about its function.201424564937
molecular characterization of a novel reovirus isolated from pekin ducklings in china.the complete genome sequence of a novel duck orthoreovirus, designated drv strain th11(drv-th11), was determined and characterized. the drv-th11 genome is comprised of 23,417 bp and its genome organization is more similar to that of avian orthoreoviruses (arvs) of chicken origin than other reoviruses. the results of comparative sequence analysis and dendrograms based on the µb- and σc-encoding genes indicated that th11 may be derived from the reassortment of arvs and classic muscovy duck reoviru ...201525287130
muscovy duck reovirus infection rapidly activates host innate immune signaling and induces an effective antiviral immune response involving critical interferons.muscovy duck reovirus (mdrv) is a highly pathogenic virus in waterfowl and causes significant economic loss in the poultry industry worldwide. because the host innate immunity plays a key role in defending against virus invasion, more and more attentions have been paid to the immune response triggered by viral infection. here we found that the genomic rna of mdrv was able to rapidly induce the production of interferons (ifns) in host. mechanistically, mdrv infection induced robust expression of ...201525554243
spleen transcriptome profile of muscovy ducklings in response to infection with muscovy duck reovirus.muscovy duck reovirus (mdrv) causes high morbidity and mortality in ducklings. however, the molecular basis for pathogenesis of this virus remains poorly understood, and the complete genome sequence of muscovy duck is lacking. here we report the transcriptome profile of muscovy ducks in response to mdrv infection. rna sequencing technology was employed to obtain a representative complement of transcripts from the spleen of ducklings, and then differential gene expression was analyzed between mdr ...201526473680
gexp analyzer-based multiplex reverse-transcription pcr assay for the simultaneous detection and differentiation of eleven duck viral pathogens primarily include the avian influenza virus (aiv) subtypes h5, h7, and h9; duck hepatitis virus (dhv); duck tembusu virus (dtmuv); egg drop syndrome virus (edsv); duck enteritis virus (dev); newcastle disease virus (ndv); duck circovirus (ducv); muscovy duck reovirus (mdrv); and muscovy duck parvovirus (mdpv). these pathogens cause great economic losses to china's duck breeding industry.201526518004
muscovy duck reovirus σns protein triggers autophagy enhancing virus replication.muscovy duck reovirus (mdrv) causes high morbidity and mortality in muscovy ducklings at 10 days old and can persist in an infected flock until the ducklings of 6 weeks old. it shares common physicochemical properties with avian reovirus (arv) and differs in coding assignment and pathogenicity. the arv p17 protein has been shown to trigger autophagy via activation multiple signaling pathways, which benefits virus replication. since mdrv lacks the p17 protein, whether and how mdrv induces autopha ...201728288679
a multiplex pcr for detection of six viruses in this study, six pairs of specific primers that can amplify dna fragments of different sizes were designed and synthesized according to viral protein gene sequences published in genbank. then, a multiplex pcr method was established for rapid detection of duck hepatitis virus 1, duck plague virus, duck tembusu virus, muscovy duck parvovirus, muscovy duck reovirus, and duck h9n2 avian influenza virus, and achieve simple and rapid detection of viral diseases in ducks. single pcr was used to confi ...201728728835
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