natural infection with canine distemper virus in hand-feeding rhesus monkeys in outbreak of canine distemper virus (cdv) in hand-feeding rhesus monkeys in china was reported. twenty rhesus monkeys presented blood and mucus in feces, respiratory symptoms, anorexia, acute fever, thicken of footpad and red rashes in the faces over 1-month period. cdv infection was identified by characteristic clinical signs, the specific detection of the bit rapid color cdv detection kit, electron microscopy and the results of sequence aligning. a phylogenetic analysis further confirmed tha ...201019837522
encephalitis induced in non-human primates by canine distemper virus adapted to human neural cells.the onderstepoort strain of canine distemper virus (cdv) adapted to human oligodendroglioma, neuroblastoma and glioblastoma cells, was intracerebrally inoculated into cynomolgus monkeys. all the three viruses caused periventricular encephalitis involving the brain stem. when the neurovirulence of these viruses were compared in terms of clinical signs and histopathological changes, the oligodendroglioma-adapted virus showed the neurovirulence of the highest degree inducing degeneration of axons a ...19854087464
cloning and characterization of dna complementary to the canine distemper virus mrna encoding matrix, phosphoprotein, and nucleocapsid protein.double-stranded cdna synthesized from total polyadenylate-containing mrna, extracted from monkey kidney cells infected with canine distemper virus (cdv), has been cloned into the psti site of escherichia coli plasmid pbr322. clones containing canine distemper virus dna were identified by hybridization to a canine distemper virus-specific, 32p-labeled cdna. four specific clones containing different classes of sequences have been identified. the cloned plasmids contain inserts of 800 (clone 44-80) ...19853838194
electroencephalogram and evoked potentials in the primate model of viral encephalitis.squirrel monkeys with induced canine distemper virus (cdv) encephalitis showed characteristic clinical signs such as seizures or myoclonus, with eegs showing periodic synchronized discharge (psd). histopathologically, there was gliosis and neuronal degeneration diffusely distributed in both the gray and white matters in the subacute phase, the lesions resembling those found in childhood acute viral encephalitis and subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (sspe). the auditory brain-stem response (abr ...19937691564
characterization and treatment of cidofovir-resistant vaccinia (wr strain) virus infections in cell culture and in mice.the wild-type (wt) vaccinia (wr strain) virus is highly virulent to mice by intranasal inoculation, yet death can be prevented by cidofovir treatment. a cidofovir-resistant (cdv-r) mutant of the virus was developed by 15 vero cell culture passages in order to determine cross-resistance to other inhibitors, growth characteristics, virulence in infected mice, and suitability of the animal model for studying antiviral therapies. comparisons were made to the original wt virus and to a wt virus passa ...200516004083
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