global mammal parasite database version 2.0.illuminating the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of parasites is one of the most pressing issues facing modern science, and is critical for basic science, the global economy, and human health. extremely important to this effort are data on the disease-causing organisms of wild animal hosts (including viruses, bacteria, protozoa, helminths, arthropods, and fungi). here we present an updated version of the global mammal parasite database, a database of the parasites of wild ungulates (artioda ...201728273333
serologic survey for selected viral pathogens in free-ranging endangered european mink (mustela lutreola) and other mustelids from south-western investigate the possible role of selected pathogens in the decline of endangered european mink (mustela lutreola) populations and the potential for these pathogens to affect mink survival, a serologic survey was conducted using serum samples collected from march 1996 to march 2003 in eight departments of south-western france. in total, 481 free-ranging individuals of five mustelid species (including the european mink) were tested. sympatric mustelids can serve as sentinels to determine the pr ...200818957635
vaccine-induced canine distemper in european mink, mustela lutreola.this report describes vaccine-induced canine distemper virus (cdv) infection in four european mink (mustela lutreola) induced by the administration of a multivalent, avian-origin vaccine. clinical signs consisting of seizures, ataxia, facial twitching, oculonasal discharge, hyperkeratosis of footpads, and anorexia developed 16-20 days postvaccination. conjunctival smears from one animal were positive for cdv antigen by direct fluorescent antibody testing, confirming the clinical diagnosis. the f ...19979365945
aleutian disease serology, protein electrophoresis, and pathology of the european mink (mustela lutreola) from navarra, spain.the european mink, mustela lutreola, has suffered a dramatic decline in europe during the 20th century and is one of the most endangered carnivores in the world. the subpopulation of european mink from navarra, spain, estimated to number approximately 420, represents approximately two thirds of the total number of mink in spain. aleutian disease virus (adv) is a parvovirus with a high degree of variability that can infect a broad range of mustelid hosts. the pathogenesis of this virus in small c ...200818816991
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