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comparison of multiple vaccine vectors in a single heterologous prime-boost trial.the prevention of infectious disease via prophylactic immunization is a mainstay of global public health efforts. vaccine design would be facilitated by a better understanding of the type and durability of immune responses generated by different vaccine vectors. we report here the results of a comparative immunogenicity trial of six different vaccine vectors expressing the same insert antigen, cowpox virus b5 (cpxv-b5). of those vectors tested, recombinant adenovirus (rad5) was the most immunoge ...200818809447
vaccination with venezuelan equine encephalitis replicons encoding cowpox virus structural proteins protects mice from intranasal cowpox virus anti-poxvirus vaccine based on replicon particles of venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (vrp) is being developed. the cowpox virus genes encoding structural proteins corresponding to vaccinia virus proteins a33, b5, and a27 were each expressed from vrp. high serum igg titers against these proteins were generated in balb/c mice vaccinated with each of these vrp. vrp induced both igg1 and igg2a with a strong predominance of igg2a production. the response is long-lasting, as evidenced by the r ...200717292434
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