miconazole: a review of its antifungal activity and therapeutic efficacy.miconazole2, a synthetic imidazole derivative, is a new topical antifungal agent for use in the local treatment of vaginal, and skin and nail infections due to yeasts and dermatophytes. it is particularly active against candida spp., trichophyton spp., epidermophyton spp., microsporum spp. and pityrosporon orbiculare (malassezia furfur), but also possesses some activity against gram-positive bacteria. in vaginal candidiasis, miconazole vaginal cream has produced higher cure rates than convention ...19751149649
atypical lipid-dependent malassezia species isolated from dogs with otitis externa.during a survey of the occurrence of malassezia species in the external ear canals of dogs with chronic otitis externa, lipid-dependent malassezia species were isolated in three dogs. these species were identified as malassezia furfur and m. obtusa but showed atypical assimilation patterns. to our knowledge, this is the first report of the isolation of lipid-dependent species of the genus malassezia in association with canine otitis.200010835009
differentiation of malassezia furfur and malassezia sympodialis by glycine utilization.the genus malassezia has been revised to include six lipophilic species and one nonlipophilic species. these malassezia species have been investigated to differentiate their morphological and physiological characteristics. however, assimilation of amino acids as a nitrogen source by these species was not well elucidated. in the present study, isolates of malassezia species were examined with a glycine medium (containing 7-266 mmol glycine, 7.4 mmol kh(2)po(4), 4.1 mmol mgso(4)7h(2)o, 29.6 mmol t ...200212100536
comparative analysis of the frequency, distribution and population sizes of yeasts associated with canine seborrheic dermatitis and healthy skin.the purpose of this study was to investigate the diversity of yeast associated with the degree of canine seborrheic dermatitis (sd) by anatomical sites. fifty-seven samples were divided as 17 healthy skin, 20 with primary seborrheic dermatitis (psd), and 20 with secondary seborrheic dermatitis (ssd). yeast isolation and characterization were carried out based on microscopical features and biochemical properties. dna analysis at the internal transcribed spacer i of 26s rdna region was utilized fo ...201020961712
physiological and molecular characterization of atypical lipid-dependent malassezia yeasts from a dog with skin lesions: adaptation to a new host?three lipid-dependent malassezia isolates (here named 114a, 114b and 114c) recovered from a dog with skin lesions were phenotypically and genotypically characterized. all presented ovoid cells and buds formed on a narrow base. most of the results from physiological tests were consistent with those of malassezia furfur. the phylogenetic analysis of its-1 and lsu nucleotide sequences was concordant in placing all three clinical malassezia isolates close to m. furfur. however, the phylogenetic data ...201021070187
characterization of malassezia species by means of phenotypic characteristics and detection of electrophoretic karyotypes by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pfge).a total of 220 isolates of the genus malassezia obtained from affected skin of animals and humans were included in this study. the isolates were examined for their belonging to the known species malassezia pachydermatis, malassezia sympodialis, malassezia furfur, malassezia obtusa, malassezia restricta, malassezia globosa and malassezia slooffiae by means of phenotypic and biochemical characteristics as well as their ability to assimilate polyethylen(20)-sorbitan-esters (tween 20, 40, 60, 80). t ...199910536433
in vitro sensitivity of malassezia spp. to various antimycotics.the sensitivity of malassezia furfur and malassezia pachydermatis to various antimicrobial agents both as single compounds and combined with various vehicles was evaluated in vitro using the agar diffusion method. clotrimazole, thiabendazole, ketoconazole, econazole, miconazole and other agents were chosen taking into account their specific commercial formulations and their utilization in mycotic pathologies sustained by malassezia genus in man and animals. the antimicrobial agents were compared ...19853836136
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