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presence of antibodies to scrub typhus and murine typhus in dogs from selangor, peninsular, sera, collected from different communities throughout selangor, peninsular malaysia, were investigated for the presence of antibodies to r. tsutsugamushi and r. typhi. scrub typhus antibodies were present in animals from the rural areas only, whereas murine typhus antibodies were observed in equal numbers of dogs from both rural and metropolitan areas. greater percentage of dogs from suburban areas had demonstrable antibody titers to murine typhus than from the urban area.1977411180
early detection of rickettsia tsutsugamushi in peripheral monocyte cultures derived from experimentally infected monkeys and dogs.rickettsia tsutsugamushi organisms were identified in giemsa and fluorescent antibody stained monocyte cell cultures derived from experimentally infected monkeys and dogs. the identification of organisms in monocyte cell cultures compared favorably with the standard technique of mouse inoculation.1978100887
laboratory animal models for human scrub typhus.a wide variety of animals have been utilized in an attempt to provide the information necessary to bring scrub typhus to the point where it is no longer a threat to man. the laboratory mouse is usually the animal of choice for the study of this disease. the discovery that certain strains of inbred mice are genetically resistant to rickettsia tsutsugamushi, the agent of scrub typhus, has opened new avenues in the study of the immune response to the disease. the cynomolgus monkey, macaca fascicula ...19863534444
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