helicobacter felis gastritis in gnotobiotic rats: an animal model of helicobacter pylori gastritis.the gastric spirillum helicobacter felis, originally isolated from the cat stomach, colonizes the stomachs of germfree rats. studies were designed to examine the pathological and serological responses of germfree rats inoculated orally with h. felis. at 2 weeks postinoculation, the gastric mucosa of germfree rats had lymphocytes and eosinophils scattered in small foci throughout the subglandular region of the antrum. small numbers of lymphocytes were present in the subglandular portion of the an ...19911997430
animal models and vaccine development.following the demonstration of helicobacter pylori as a major gastroduodenal pathogen there was a need to develop animal models in order to investigate mechanisms of pathogenesis and to be able to test new treatment strategies. helicobacter pylori will only colonize a limited number of hosts including non-human primates, germ-free or barrier raised piglets, germ-free dogs and recently laboratory raised cats. although these models have proved useful there is a need for more convenient small anima ...19958563056
helicobacter felis infection is associated with lymphoid follicular hyperplasia and mild gastritis but normal gastric secretory function in cats.the relationship of helicobacter felis, a bacterium observed in the stomachs of cats, to gastric disease is unclear. the objective of this study was to determine if h. felis infection alters gastric histopathology, proinflammatory cytokine expression, and secretory function and evokes a humoral immune response in cats. five specific-pathogen-free (spf) helicobacter-free cats were studied before and for 1 year after oral inoculation with h. felis (atcc 49179). four spf h. felis-uninfected cats se ...200010639446
evaluation of a group-specific 16s ribosomal dna-based pcr for detection of helicobacter bizzozeronii, helicobacter felis, and helicobacter salomonis in fresh and paraffin-embedded gastric biopsy specimens.a new specific and sensitive 16s ribosomal dna-based pcr assay was developed. the assay targets a 78-bp dna fragment unique to helicobacter bizzozeronii, helicobacter felis, and helicobacter salomonis and can be used with freshly frozen and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded gastric biopsy specimens.200111230459
gastric helicobacters in cats.the types of helicobacter which are found in the stomachs of carnivorous pets, especially cats, have been traditionally referred to as 'gastric helicobacter-like organisms' (ghlos). these are microaerophilic, gram-negative, spiral bacteria with multiple terminal flagellae and are endowed with high-level urease activity which allows them to survive in an acidic environment. certain species have one or more periplasmic fibrils. the two ghlos most commonly found in cats are helicobacter felis and a ...200011716588
helicobacter felis and helicobacter bizzozeronii induce gastric parietal cell loss in mongolian gerbils.non-pylori helicobacter infections are associated with gastritis, gastric ulcers and malt lymphomas in man. approximately 50% of these are caused by helicobacters commonly found in dogs and cats, including helicobacter felis, helicobacter bizzozeronii and h. salomonis. in contrast to helicobacter pylori, the virulence mechanisms of these species are unknown. in this study the virulence of h. felis, h. bizzozeronii and h. salomonis was investigated in mongolian gerbils. female spf gerbils were in ...200616311055
isolation and characterization of helicobacter suis sp. nov. from pig stomachs.a new cultivation method was successfully applied for the in vitro isolation of a hitherto uncultured spiral helicobacter species associated with ulceration of the non-glandular stomach and gastritis in pigs and formerly described as 'candidatus helicobacter suis'. three isolates, hs1(t), hs2 and hs3, were subcultured from the stomach mucosa of three pigs after slaughter and were analysed using a polyphasic taxonomic approach. the novel isolates grew on biphasic culture plates or very moist agar ...200818523177
the other helicobacters.the last year has seen an interesting and important collection of evidence presented in the field of the "other" than helicobacter pylori helicobacters. associations with adult ulcerative colitis and biliary/hepatic disease have been described. new insights into the immune response and subsequent pathogenesis associated with infection have also been published. genomic advances include description of new and unique species and the complete genome description for both helicobacter felis and helico ...201121896089
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