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a survey of camel (camelus dromedarius) diseases in jordan.information on incidences of camel (camelus dromedarius) diseases in jordan is scarce. in this survey, 369 live and 156 slaughtered camels were examined in four jordanian geographic regions and the proportion of diseased camels was calculated. intestinal parasite ova were detected in 98% of camels; one or more species of external parasites were found on the skin of all camels; 33% had nasal myiasis; and hydatid cysts were identified in 44% of the slaughtered animals. sarcoptic mange (sarcoptes s ...200011237140
Nanobodies®: new ammunition to battle viruses.In 1989, a new type of antibody was identified, first in the sera of dromedaries and later also in all other species of the Camelidae family. These antibodies do not contain a light chain and also lack the first constant heavy domain. Today it is still unclear what the evolutionary advantage of such heavy chain-only antibodies could be. In sharp contrast, the broad applicability of the isolated variable antigen-binding domains (VHH) was rapidly recognized, especially for the development of thera ...201121939690
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