gram-negative non-fermenting bacteria from food-producing animals are low risk for hospital-acquired infections.the aim of this study was to investigate possible indications of epidemiological relationships between pseudomonas aeruginosa and acinetobacter baumannii isolated from food-producing animals and those of clinical origin. screening for p. aeruginosa and a. baumannii isolates from food-producing animals was carried out on 1381 samples. susceptibility testing and pcr amplification of resistance genes were determined. isolate clonal relatedness was established by pfge. forty-one p. aeruginosa and 16 ...200819129067
in vitro activities of antimicrobials against six important species of gram-negative bacteria isolated from raw milk samples in korea.gram-negative bacteria (gnb) with multidrug resistance pose a serious threat to public health. they are environmental pathogens frequently isolated from raw milk and mastitis in dairy cattle. this study was to examine the in vitro antimicrobial activities against 225 isolates belonging to six important species of gnb from mastitic raw milk samples of dairy herds in the republic of korea: acinetobacter baumannii (n = 17), citrobacter freundii (n = 19), enterobacter cloacae (n = 54), klebsiella pn ...201019895257
ancient antimicrobial peptides kill antibiotic-resistant pathogens: australian mammals provide new overcome the increasing resistance of pathogens to existing antibiotics the 10×'20 initiative declared the urgent need for a global commitment to develop 10 new antimicrobial drugs by the year 2020. naturally occurring animal antibiotics are an obvious place to start. the recently sequenced genomes of mammals that are divergent from human and mouse, including the tammar wallaby and the platypus, provide an opportunity to discover novel antimicrobials. marsupials and monotremes are ideal poten ...201121912615
eradication of acinetobacter baumannii by photosensitized agents in vitro.the photodynamic effects of photosensitizers on acinetobacter baumannii were studied. these gram negative bacteria have recently been implicated in various infections, mainly acquired in hospitals. they have outstanding characteristics of multidrug high resistance to antimicrobial agents. the best photodynamic effect was obtained when a. baumannii cultures were treated with light activated deuteroporphyrin (dp) at a concentration of 34 mumoles l-off and polymyxin nonapeptide (pmnp) at a concentr ...19989595710
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