[parasites in the gdr.1. studies on helminths occurrence in european wild pigs (sus scrofa)].in two different hunting-grounds in the north-eastern part of the gdr from november 1972 to march 1974 the authors tested a series of 102 killed wild boars, aged mostly from 7 month to 3 years by means of helminthological dissection and by coprological methods for helminthic stages. from more than 30 well known species of helminths the following 10 species were found: cysticercus tenuicollis, echinococcus hydatidosus, ascaris suum, ascarops strongylina, physocephalus sexalatus, globocephalus uro ...1978646175
[clinical examination of the blood of wild boars (sus scrofa l.) naturally infested with parasites following administration of anthelminthics].with 24 head of wild boars (sus scrofa l.) of both sexes of the age of one to two years, kept in a game preserve and naturally infected with parasites of the species mestastrongylus pudendotectus, m. elongatus, ascarops strongylina, physocephalus sexalatus, ascaris suum, globocephalus urosubulatus, oesophagostomum dentatum, trichocephalus suis, eimeria debliecki, and e. perminuta, three experiments were performed with feeds premedicated with anthelmintics: pyrantel tartrate + diethylcarbamazine ...1976820035
[helminths of domestic pork in ituri, upper zaire].in ituri (upper-zaïre) pig farming is extensively and traditionally managed, animals wandering about in the villages and neighbouring fields. helminths of the gastrointestinal tract most commonly encountered are oesophagostomum sp. hyostrongylus rubidus, globocephalus urosubulatus and ascarops strongylina. parasitic burdens are low and gross lesions not frequently seen except nodules of oesophagostomiasis. infections with metastrongylus salmi and metastrongylus pudendoctus have a very high preva ...19902241308
parasites in cross-bred pigs in the upper east region of ghana.a cross-sectional study was carried out in the upper east region (uer) of ghana in order to estimate the prevalence of parasitic infections in local cross-bred pigs. out of 60 villages with a human population of 200-1000 inhabitants, 10 villages were randomly selected for the study. the number of pigs varied from 50 to 200 pigs per village. in total 259 faecal samples from growers were collected and examined. ninety-one percent of the animals excreted parasite eggs. among these the prevalence of ...199910628701
epidemiological study of the intestinal helminths of wild boar (sus scrofa) and mouflon (ovis gmelini musimon) in central italy.since 1995 the population of wild ungulates increased significantly in the "parco provinciale dei monti livornesi" (livorno, tuscany, central italy). we studied the intestinal macroparasites of two hosts, the wild boar (sus scrofa) and the mouflon (ovis gmelini musimon). in the case of wild boars we found a dominant parasite species, globocephalus urosubulatus. for this parasite the frequency distribution of the number of parasites per host agrees with a negative binomial distribution. there is ...200212701385
wild boar helminths: risks in animal translocations.the helminth populations found in a group of wild boars collected in central spain were compared to those in a group of animals imported from a french game farm that produces boars for restocking. eleven helminth species, including ten nematodes and one acanthocephalan, were found. gongylonema pulchrum and macracanthorhynchus hirundinaceus were only detected in autochthonous wild boars, while oesophagostomum dentatum, ascaris suum, and trichuris suis were detected in imported animals only. autoc ...200312944047
efficacy of an in-feed preparation of ivermectin against helminths in the european wild boar.the wild boar is one of europe's most popular game species and its densities are increasing. management tools such as farm breeding, supplementary feeding, and translocations are more frequently employed and anthelmintics are increasingly used in game farms and translocations. here, we report the results of a controlled slaughter study on the efficacy of an in-feed preparation of ivermectin in european wild boars naturally infected with various helminths. the efficacy of ivermectin against adult ...200414648206
influence of season and host age on wild boar parasites in corsica using indicator species analysis.the indicator value (ind val) method which combines measures of fidelity and specificity has been used in a study on wild boar parasites in corsica during 2001-2003. because of its resilience to changes in abundance, indval is a particularly effective tool for ecological bioindication. the ind val method showed how season can influence the occurrence of parasite species in the wild boar, and also identified parasites as bioindicators relative to host age. the randomization test identified five p ...200616469171
helminth infections of wild boars ( sus scrofa) in the bursa province of turkey.the present study aimed to investigate the status of helminth infections in wild boars in the bursa province of turkey. for this purpose, during 2007-2008, 27 wild boars were necropsied and examined for helminths. individual samples of tongue and diaphragm from 27 necropsied wild boars and an additional 22 tongue and diaphragm samples provided by hunters were examined by trichinoscopy and artificial digestion for trichinella spp. larvae. twenty animals (74%) were identified as being infected wit ...201021114894
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