effects of closantel on face lice (linognathus ovillus) of sheep. 19863729837
the treatment and eradication of sheep lice and ked with cyhalothrin--a new synthetic pyrethroid.a new synthetic pyrethroid, cyhalothrin, has been evaluated as both a sheep dip and a jetting fluid for the control of body lice (damalinia ovis), face lice (linognathus ovillus), foot lice (linognathus pedalis) and the sheep ked (melophagus ovinus). a dip wash concentration of 1.25 ppm cyhalothrin eradicated d. ovis from sheep. a jetting fluid at a concentration of 20 ppm also eradicated d. ovis. in the field cyhalothrin was evaluated at 20 ppm as a dip wash and at 50 ppm as a jetting fluid. th ...19846534357
observations on the control of ovine face lice (linognathus ovillus) with closantel. 19863827774
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