nipah virus in lyle's flying foxes, cambodia.we conducted a survey in cambodia in 2000 on henipavirus infection among several bat species, including flying foxes, and persons exposed to these animals. among 1,072 bat serum samples tested by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, antibodies reactive to nipah virus (niv) antigen were detected only in pteropus lylei species; cynopterus sphinx, hipposideros larvatus, scotophilus kuhlii, chaerephon plicata, taphozous melanopogon, and t. theobaldi species were negative. seroneutralization applied on ...200516022778
antibodies to nipah-like virus in bats (pteropus lylei), cambodia.serum specimens from fruit bats were obtained at restaurants in cambodia. we detected antibodies cross-reactive to nipah virus by enzyme immunoassay in 11 (11.5%) of 96 lyle's flying foxes (pteropus lylei). our study suggests that viruses closely related to nipah or hendra viruses are more widespread in southeast asia than previously documented.200212194780
nipah virus circulation at human-bat interfaces, better understand the potential risks of nipah virus emergence in cambodia by studying different components of the interface between humans and bats.202032773899
pteropus lylei primarily forages in residential areas in kandal, cambodia.bats are the second most species-rich mammalian order and provide a wide range of ecologically important and economically significant ecosystem services. nipah virus is a zoonotic emerging infectious disease for which pteropodid bats have been identified as a natural reservoir. in cambodia, nipah virus circulation has been reported in pteropus lylei, but little is known about the spatial distribution of the species and the associated implications for conservation and public health.we deployed gl ...201931015997
a longitudinal study of the prevalence of nipah virus in pteropus lylei bats in thailand: evidence for seasonal preference in disease transmission.after 12 serial nipah virus outbreaks in humans since 1998, it has been noted that all except the initial event in malaysia occurred during the first 5 months of the year. increasingly higher morbidity and mortality have been observed in subsequent outbreaks in india and bangladesh. this may have been related to different virus strains and transmission capability from bat to human without the need for an amplifying host and direct human-to-human transmission. a survey of virus strains in pteropu ...201019402762
duplex nested rt-pcr for detection of nipah virus rna from urine specimens of bats.a method for duplex nested rt-pcr (nrt-pcr) with internal control (ic) for the detection of nipah virus rna is described. incorporation of ic rna distinguished false and true negative results. the extrinsic rna was added directly to the pcr master mix and co-amplified with virus specific rna in a duplex reaction to determine the presence of pcr inhibitor. limit of detection was affected minimally when ic was added. of 53 pooled urine samples collected from fruit bats (pteropus lylei), 16 were va ...200717184850
high pathogenicity of nipah virus from pteropus lylei fruit bats, cambodia.we conducted an in-depth characterization of the nipah virus (niv) isolate previously obtained from a pteropus lylei bat in cambodia in 2003 (csur381). we performed full-genome sequencing and phylogenetic analyses and confirmed csur381 is part of the niv-malaysia genotype. in vitro studies revealed similar cell permissiveness and replication of csur381 (compared with 2 other niv isolates) in both bat and human cell lines. sequence alignments indicated conservation of the ephrin-b2 and ephrin-b3 ...202031855143
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