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lesions caused by cardiovascular flukes (digenea: spirorchidae) in stranded green turtles (chelonia mydas).evidence of infection with spirorchid flukes (digenea: spirorchidae) was sought at necropsy of 96 stranded green turtles, chelonia mydas, that were examined during the course of a survey of marine turtle mortality in southeastern queensland, australia. three species of spirorchid (hapalotrema mehrai, h. postorchis, and neospirorchis schistosomatoides) were identified. severe disease due to spirorchid fluke infection (spirorchidiasis) was implicated as the principal cause of mortality in 10 turtl ...19989545132
hapalotrema (digenea: spirorchidae) in the green turtle (chelonia mydas) in australia.hapalotrema mehrai rao, 1976 and hapalotrema postorchis rao, 1976 (digenea: spirorchidae) are redescribed from the heart and pulmonary arteries of the green turtle, chelonia mydas, from moreton bay in south-eastern queensland. hapalotrema pambanensis gupta and mehrotra, 1981 from c. mydas in india is made a synonym of h. mehrai. hapalotrema dorsopora dailey, fast and balazs, 1993 from c. mydas from hawaii was described with a dorsally opening uterine pore, but this is found to be the opening of ...19989576515
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